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100 Men Who Cook Is Virtual This Year!
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Covid-19 is keeping us from coming together this year for our annual 100 Men Who Cook Black Tie Fundraiser but we still need your help. Our beneficiaries’ work hasn’t stopped. We’ve established the 1,000@$100 Campaign to help us continue supporting youth in our community.

Join the ranks with your contribution here on the website, or mail checks to 100 Men Who Cook – PO Box 7188 – Denver, CO 80207


The 100 Men Who Cook, Inc. is dedicated to supporting Denver’s youth by helping grassroots community nonprofit organizations who have a proven track record of making a positive ad significant impact on youth in the community by raising operating capital to sustain their goals and objectives.


Our primary beneficiaries this year are Athletics & Beyond, Music and Leadership Institute, and
Colorado Beautillion- Cotillion, Inc.


Our Sponsors are Comcast, Denver Urban Spectrum, Colorado Health Foundation, Xcel Energy, CubeSmart, Mental Health Center of Denver, and Asfaw McDonald’s.


Our fundraiser is going virtual this year but we would like for interested men to still register. We want to keep you updated on future programming that will include some of our chefs conducting virtual cooking classes.

Interested In Volunteering With 100 Men Who Cook?

The planning and production of the 100 Men Who Cook Black Tie Fundraiser is volunteer-driven.  This fundraiser is a constantly evolving project that is produced with the goal of making an impact on the Denver metro community by supporting grassroots organizations that educate, develop and nurture youth. Each individual that takes on a segment of this major event must execute determined responsibilities and tactics to completion. 

Our Sponsors

Our Beneficiaries

Athletics & Beyond

Athletics & Beyond is a resident-led nonprofit organization that is intrinsically designed to increase and expand the educational trajectories of Denver students

Music and Leadership Institute

Music and Leadership Institute is an organization that provides students with an avenue to develop creativity through music education and leadership development.

Colorado Beautillion- Cotillion, Inc

Colorado Beautillion-Cotillion, Inc. (CBI/CCI) is a youth mentoring program designed to impart wholesome values and equip high school juniors and seniors with vital life skills and prepare them to be successful leaders, role models and citizens.

Contact us

Post Office Box 7188
Denver, CO 80207
P: 1-800-998-5984

Why Donate?

Your donation supports children and the communities that they live in.