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Logo Usage Guidelines

1. The 100 Men Who Cook Logo: Usage Guidelines

The 100 MEN WHO COOK logo is a trademark of 100 Men Who Cook. In order to protect and grow the 100 MEN WHO COOK brand, we have a distinguishable logo that can be used in public. When displaying the 100 MEN WHO COOK logo, please follow our standard Trademark Guidelines. Other sizes and resolutions of the logo, some suitable for print, can be found below. Additional guidelines regarding the logo’s appearance are also given.

1.2. Trademark Symbol

The ‘TM’ or ® trademark symbol as determined by 100 MEN WHO COOK must always be visible and readable for both the 100 MEN WHO COOK Logo in the placements shown in these guidelines. You may not remove or obfuscate either of the TM or ® symbols in the 100 MEN WHO COOK Logo.

1.3. Clear Space

There should be sufficient clear space around the logo.

1.4. Typeface

1.4.1. Complementary Font

We recommend using the Helvetica fonts as complementary fonts to the 100 MEN WHO COOK Logo.



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